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Tips To Pack Priceless Items

Tips To Pack Priceless Items

Furniture Removalist Adelaide is the most reputable and dependable name in packing and moving services. The items could be from your home or office. We are a furniture removals company with many satisfied customers from and around Riverland. Our trucks frequent the area and are always eager to assist new customers in their transition to their next adventure.


We have a large clientele because of our professional and high-quality service. We are the best removalists in Adelaide because we combine the best transportation mode, packing facilities, and experienced professionals.


With our valuable services, we have assisted a large number of customers. Hiring our service ensures that your belongings arrive at their destination in a safe and secure condition before you.

Moving is an exciting experience for many people. It’s the first step toward your next life adventure.


However, the excitement fades when you realize how much furniture you have and how heavy it is. When you ask your friends for help, everyone becomes ‘busy.’ Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, so we’re here to help you manage your relocation stress.


Furniture Removalist Adelaide Is the Best Removalist

You can’t stay in the same place forever. When you move, you must move your belongings together, which is difficult for you. It is where the Removalists Adelaide team comes in and makes things simple for you. For this work, we have several professional teams. Professionals are skilled and experienced in a variety of fields. We handle everything from packing to moving. Our top priority is to deliver your goods safely and securely.


Everything becomes simple with our team, and your goods are delivered on time and to the correct location. Furniture Removalist Adelaide can provide customer service and expertise that other local furniture removalists cannot match, giving you peace of mind. Our professional furniture removalists take the hassle out of moving large, bulky items and ensure that your belongings are kept safe and handled correctly throughout the moving process.


The Steps Furniture Removalist Adelaide Takes to Deliver your Goods

The process is safe and simple because it involves several steps to move goods. The actions are:


Make a Reservation

When you make a reservation with confirmation, our team gets ready with the materials you need and shows up at the appointed time.



Details about the goods are collected, and those items are packed in a sturdy and secure box. Despite the box falling, your items won’t harm. Items that are easily broken are packed separately and positioned correctly.


Loading on The Truck

The items load securely on a truck or goods carrier van that is closed on all sides. We have a secure method for loading large items like furniture and cabinets, among other things.


On The Way to Target Site

After loading, the items will be transported via the best routes to the destination site. The drivers are experts at transporting cargo.


Reaching The Place 

When the delivery arrives at your location on time, a member of our team will unload the items from the carrier van. We can also assist you with unboxing items.


In this manner, your belongings will be delivered to the specified site in a secure condition with the assistance of several members of our Removalists Adelaide team.


Tips To Pack Furniture Removalist Adelaide

Moving is always challenging, and one of the most difficult issues you will face is moving furniture. While a team of professionals can take the weight off your mind (and back), you may prefer to do it yourself, so we’re here to help. Here are our top ten furniture removalist tips:


1. Collect What You Need

You might be able to get away with putting most of your belongings in garbage bags – though we don’t recommend it – there are a few items you must do to protect furniture:


  • Cover in bubble wrap. Choose a thicker bubble wrap with more giant bubbles for added protection.
  • Wrap in plastic. It is necessary to have secure packing protective materials around your furniture that will protect it from water and dirt.
  • Tape for packing. Get more tape than you think you’ll need.
  • Blankets for moving/furniture. Use as a barrier between the wood surface and plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Plastic constricts and can cause injury.
  • Sandwich packaging. If you take anything out of a piece of furniture, put the nuts, bolts, and screws in a bag and label it clearly with the item, it came from.
  • The mattress cover and the shipping box. Mattresses are both valuable and delicate. Proper packing materials are the best protection here.
  • Cardboard sheets. For better padding, look for corrugated cardboard.


It’s best to pack your furniture last after everything else. Lay out all your materials and enlist the assistance of a friend to help with the heavy lifting.


2. Remove All Detachables

Remove anything that removes, such as dresser drawers, bookshelves, and detachable legs or wheels. Keep the removed parts in groups and treat them as if they were their furniture. Place the screws and bolts in labeled sandwich bags and either tape them to the item from which they came or keep them in a safe place.


3. Lighten Your Loads

There’s no reason to carry things the way they are. Most household items come in parts and can be disassembled into smaller pieces. Remove the backs from recliners, unscrew shelves and pieces of bookcases and tables, and remove small pieces from desk chairs and couches such as wheels and feet, among other things. Anything that separates should be separated. It not only makes things easier for everyone involved but also reduces the possibility of damage.


4. Finishing Touches

Wrap each item in moving blankets, then layer with cardboard for extra padding. After wrapping the piece, use bubble wrap to protect the most vulnerable parts, such as the legs. It’s best to use proper covers when moving a sofa or mattress. If you can’t find them, a few extra layers of cardboard will suffice. Wrap the item in plastic wrap after applying the padding layers. Check that no plastic or bubble wrap has been placed against the wood, as shrinking plastic will cause damage.


5. Loading Your Vehicle

You must consider weight distribution if you’ve hired a truck loading yourself. Because most breakages cause improper loading, there are a few critical steps to take:


  • To protect your belongings, line the bottom of the truck with moving blankets.
  • Place the heaviest and least fragile boxes against the truck’s back wall.
  • Place your furniture in front of this row of boxes. Check that the weight is distributed evenly across the width of the truck.
  • In total, you should put more than half of the weight in the back half of the truck.


6. Start from Small to Large 

Starting small to big and then big to small is an excellent way to plan your entire loading and unloading process. When moving your furniture out of your house and into the truck, you should first start with the smaller and lighter items, followed by the most oversized items. Because most of the other stuff is already out of the house, it is easier to navigate and maneuver while handling the more oversized items.


7. Involve Professional Packers

This guide is a good starting point for safely moving furniture, but it’s worth calling in professional movers if you have valuable, antique, or simply too much furniture. Specialized packing materials, techniques, or transportation are sometimes required. However, they can provide valuable advice even if you do not hire movers.


The Final Word

Moving your furniture is always an option, but it costs time, is exhausting, and poses a health risk. Furniture Removalist Adelaide is challenging without the specialized equipment and experience that a professional team possesses. Why put yourself in danger when it can all be done for you? We are aware of the stress and costs associated with moving.


Furniture Removalist Adelaide usually quotes according to the number of hours required to complete the move and depends on the volume and dimensions of the relocating items.


Daily, we handle large-scale furniture removals. Our skilled local removals team can protect and deliver your furniture to its final destination in perfect condition thanks to our industry knowledge and equipment. Furniture Removalists Adelaide is one of Riverland’s most affordable furniture removal companies.


Before we begin, we must ensure that every customer understands our removal process, prices, and expectations. Every move is unique, and we will do our best to surprise you with how enjoyable moving can be.

You can relieve yourself of all that stress by letting Furniture Removalists Adelaide handle everything. We’ll take everything, from equipment to expertise, to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition.


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