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Is It Better To Hire Movers Or Move Yourself

Is It Better To Hire Movers Or Move Yourself?

While moving, you have to make many decisions, like what items to pack and what goes into the trash. Which moving company can you trust for your move? Do you need a moving company to move or can you do it yourself?

Now we will leave the rest of the questions for you to answer, but in this blog, we will help you with the question: should you hire movers or not?

The answer to this question largely depends on the budget and size of the move. But other factors also come into the picture while responding to this question. Furniture Removalist Adelaide will give you the list of benefits and disadvantages of moving yourself and hiring a moving service company so you can easily decide what to do for your move. So let’s begin. 

Benefits Of Moving Yourself

Here are some benefits of moving yourself which will make your move easy.

Money saver

If budget is your issue, you should make a DIY move. You can save money on the service provided by professional movers. Of course, you will have to work a lot and take the help of your friends and family, but it will be less expensive. Renting a moving truck instead of the complete moving service can save you a lot.

Complete authority

DIY moving will probably be the right option if you don’t trust people easily with your things, as you would pack and load items with full authority, care, and protection. You can decide whenever you want to move, and you get to be flexible. You’ll be in charge of making all the critical decisions during the move, like how to protect them in bad weather and how to pack items.

Therefore, you don’t have to stress over someone else making mistakes in your move.

Safe packing

Another pro to moving yourself is that you can pack however you want to protect your things because sometimes movers are in a hurry. So they want to wrap everything up into a box to prepare it for the quick move. This rapid approach can damage your belongings. Therefore, it is better to pack yourself as you would know what things are essential and need to pack carefully.

Disadvantages Of Moving Yourself

Some disadvantages of moving yourself are listed below:


If you do everything by yourself at one point, it will get overwhelming. It affects you mentally and physically, from planning and organizing everything to packing and loading all the items. This workload can be managed if you take your friends’ help for lifting heavy items. Depending on the move’s size, you should hire movers for a significant move. You should definitely hire professional movers because your inexperienced movers will cause more damage to things. 

Sudden problems

The moving process is very unpredictable, and many things can go wrong. So if you are moving, unexpected problems can worsen the situation, and you’ll waste a lot of time during the move.

Also, Professional movers like Furniture Removalists Adelaide have much experience handling these situations and are properly equipped to solve them quickly.

Benefits Of Hiring Movers

There are lots of benefits of hiring professional movers. Some of them are listed below:

Faster and smoother move

Hiring a professional moving company has many benefits, and the best thing is that your move will be faster and smoother, which makes this whole situation less stressful. In addition, the reliable moving company will arrive on time at your place with the proper equipment and pack and load items efficiently. A good moving company will save you a lot of time. If you are generally busy, hiring a removalist is the best option.

Nothing much to do

This is the best thing about hiring movers. You don’t have to do anything, everything will be taken care of by the removalists, and you will have a less stressful time. After hiring movers, you don’t have to do any physical or mental work. You can relax and spend time with your family, take care of your pet, or do other important stuff related to the move.

Hiring a professional and reliable moving company is excellent as you will have no tension about the move. So hiring a professional will benefit you if you don’t have any budget issues.

Disadvantages of hiring movers

On the other hand, hiring movers have disadvantages too. Some of the disadvantages of hiring movers are:

Too Expensive

Financially the most significant disadvantage of hiring a moving service company is that they are expensive. If you are on a tight budget, this can come in the way of hiring a moving company.

No control

Hiring a moving company takes away your control over the move. The moving company will do everything, so you don’t even have control over the date and time. You’ll have to discuss this with the company and if you get an emergency during the scheduled date, then you’ll have to reschedule the moving date which can be weeks later, which is annoying as you are the one paying a lot of money.

So this is a big disadvantage for you if you want to get involved and completely control the move.

Getting scammed

Some moving companies are not trustworthy. That is why doing excellent research before hiring someone to move your belongings is recommended. Unfortunately, some moving companies are looking to rip off unwary clients. If you are careful, you can avoid falling into their trap. If this happens, you may lose your belongings or funds. 


Another disadvantage of hiring movers is that it is impersonal. You can need help trusting random people to move your belongings. That is why it is essential to read reviews online, check ratings, and research very well about the moving company before hiring them so that you trust them completely for your move. Also, ensure they do an in-person inspection or a video survey of your house before giving you a quote.


If you still need clarification about whether to DIY your move or hire professionals, there is another thing you can do i.e., hybrid move. You can DIY some parts of the move and hire professional help for other parts. The great advantage of this is that it reduces your expenses, and also you’ll share your moving workload with professionals you’ll hire.

We hope this blog has clarified what is good about moving yourself or hiring professionals. If you are looking for professional help, Furniture Removalists Adelaide are the best in the moving industry. Our professional movers provide the best removal services in Adelaide for interstate moves.

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